Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hibernation is Over

Yes, I finally feel like my hibernation is over. Actually I was not sleeping. I have been trying to organize my life. Last week, I finished reading The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer. It contains 64 principles for achieving your dreams. You know how we all write the goals and file them away. The authors suggest that you write an affirmation for each goal on an index card. You are then supposed to read them at least twice a day so that you keep focused on those goals. They have all kinds of wonderful suggestions for achieving your goals.

As a result, I have been busy putting together classes for this fall and winter. Saturday, I started teaching a fabric collage class at the quilt store in Green Valley. I am happy to be teaching one of the seven classes I proposed for the summer. I know here in Green Valley everything slows down in the summer because the snow birds leave; however, three classes were offered in Tucson. I was hoping things would be better there. I guess things are slow even in Tucson.

Several week ago, we were inundated with hoards of beautiful yellow butterflies. They come every year, but not in the numbers we saw this year. Most of them stayed over a week. Here are some photos I took of them on our Mexican bird of paradise plant. All the very light yellow spots are butterflies. Click on the picture to see them better.

There are still some here now. Usually, you seen them in pairs and they seem fly after each other in a three-dimensional spiral. So last year after doing some design exercises, I created thermofax screens of dancing butterflies!