Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Monday, I finally went to look at some petroglyphs that are located northwest of Tucson. They are not the ones I went to see several years ago with my husband and a visitor from Austria. The two guys did not want to hike in the desert to see them. I was very disappointed. Years later, I finally got to see some petroglphs near my home.

This time I went with a girl friend, Kris.

I love the dancing figures!!!! And right above them is a spiral, which definitely speaks to me - it is part of my logo, which can be seen on my web-site and soon on my blog.
 Kris and I plan to go looking for some other petrogylphs in our area soon.


Lisa Kerpoe said...

Wonderful photos, Susan! I envy you being able to go and see them in person (without extensive travel). They are so intriguing, it's a connection to a time long ago. I wonder what their lives were like, how similar were there wants and needs to ours.

Susan Ettl said...

Lisa, I always feel a connection to the past whenever I visit ancient sites. Petroglyphs, in particular, seem to evoke spirituality and sacredness.