Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rainy California Visit

It rained my entire visit to southern California. My flights in both directions were late. On my return, part of the baggage machinery broke down and it took an additional twenty minutes to get my bags. And then it poured last night here in Arizona. However, I am home and sleeping in my own bed. There is no place like home!!!

In California, my mom, sister and I baked cookies and cakes all day Sunday. Here is a picture of mom hard at work. 

We had a great time making and sampling our products. Monday, we took mom shopping and watched a movie. We had fillet mignon for dinner that I cooked. As many of you know, my husband does almost all the cooking in our house since he retired. 

As I was typing this post, the cookies I put in the oven almost burned beyond recognition. I set the timer for 45 minutes and came into the studio to write this post. I had the clothes dryer on which is between the studio and the kitchen. Ali was making chestnut soup for dinner. This was a new recipe from book his Austrian friend sent him on Trieste. 

The timer went off for the cookies and he just ignored it. I did not hear it because of the clothes dryer.When I came into the kitchen for dinner I remembered the cookies. The other rim is burnt, but the inside is okay. The soup was just okay. Ali did not like it and did not even finish it. So we joked about our two cooking fiascoes over dinner. Better that then cry!!!!

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Rayna said...

The requisite comment is "oh, this is INTERESTING." You know not to make it again.
Glad you're home - your mom looks very cute.