Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Getting Back On Track

I got side-tracked from blogging because of working on class samples. In November, I went to a new art store in Tucson and on their door was a sign that they were looking for art instructors. After meeting with their representative, I am now scheduled to teach two classes at the Arizona Art Supply store in Tucson. The first is Introduction to Art Cloth and the second is Creating Your Own Stamps and Stencils for Art Cloth. I created some new butterfly images to make some stamps and stencils. I had not made any stamps or stencils in a long time. I had forgotten how time consuming this tasks are. A week later I was finally done. I think I need to make stamps and stencils on a more regular basis to keep those skills honed.

Last week, I started working on some samples. The first set of samples were sun printed.

I put all kinds of pods that I had collected this year to sun print on this sample.

This one I scrunched up and left it for 5 minutes. Then I unwrapped it and let it dry.

I sun printed this fabric with a rubber carpet grid which had been stored folded up. As a result not all of it laid flat on the fabric producing faded areas of the grid on the fabric. I liked this serendipitous result.

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