Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Great Gelatin Print Experiment: Part 2

As stated earlier, art cloth #2 used 5 or 6 of the small gelatin plates.

Art Cloth #2, Steps 1-2
  • Rust gelatin prints
  • Rust squished brush strokes

Art Cloth #2, Step 3

  • Turquoise irregularly shaped prints using a weatherstrip stamp to minic shapes of some of the gelatin plates.

Art Cloth #2, Step 4

  • Applied light yellow-orange glaze

Art Cloth #2, Step 5

  • Metallic light turqoise stamped on with sponge

Art Cloth #2, Step 6

  • Mellic copper mixed with glass bead gel which was applied with a stencil brush using a freezer paper stencil of spirit people motifs

Art Cloth #2, Step 7

  • Metallic light turqoise stamped on with sponge over spirit people motifs

I am not that thrilled with this finished piece. I think it is the dark green rock shapes. Do you like it?

Also, I think Step 6 looks better in the photo than it did in person. The spirit people looked more prominent to me when the piece was on my design wall; however, maybe I should have lived with it a little before added the turquoise sponging over them. One thing I noticed as I took pictures of the steps is that the work almost always looked better in the photo than on the design wall. Any thoughts?


Rayna said...

You're right on all counts. I think part of the issue is that those turquoise blobs are so prominent they are distracting. This might be just fine, cut up.

But yes - sometimes it does pay to live with something before you go on. Ask me how I know.

susiemonday said...

These look really interesting. You need to send a reminder to ACN list that you are blogging!

Susie Monday said...

Whoops. I wasn't finished! The wind has blown from AZ to TX this am. I think I'll wait to do my dyeing for a warmer day! S