Saturday, April 11, 2009

Art Biz Salon

Yesterday, two artist friends, Kaye Guerin Yourstarshining, and Barbara Amyx, and myself had our Art Biz Salon meeting. This is a bi-weekly meeting to work through the program designed by Alyson Stanfield to develop an art marketing plan for each of us. This was our fifth meeting and we each have made progress towards this goal. Alyson Stanfield offers this program for free. However, supplementing this free material with material from her book, I'd Rather Be in the Studio, The Artist's No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion, has greatly improved our art biz salon.

The book has everything in it that you need to develop your own marketing plan. Nevertheless, I strongly suggest you form a salon for the camaraderie and support. Plus, it ends up being a networking and support group, which I think all artist need.

Since beginning our salon, we each have a set of measurable goals, one of us has started her own blog, my blog has been enhanced, we have updated our mailing lists, I have created note cards using a photo of a commissioned queen-sized quilt I made (photo below) and much more. The amazing thing for me is that I have discovered marketing can be fun. I am learning all sorts of things about the internet and since I have changed browsers, I am enjoying writing my blog. It is a different form of creativity for me. I am having so much fun blogging, that Ali has added The Bloggernaut to his repertoire of nicknames for me!

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Rayna said...

Oooh nice piece of work, Susan! Looks like you are doing fine with the blog - I'll add you to my list of blogs to follow. I have Alyson's book and have started reading it - she's good at pushing us, isn't she?

I hope to be home by midnight