Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Pads on the Cacti

I am trying to get back to my walking schedule of 12 miles per week. I think it will not be difficult because spring is so beautiful in the desert. Some cacti have already bloomed and some are just getting new pads. Below are three pictures of Santa Rita Prickly Pear cacti that only grow in this area of Arizona. They are named after the Santa Rita Mountains which lie on the east end of the valley I live in. Their pads are usually a light grayed blue-green or a light grayed violet.

I was surprised when I took this close-up of the new pad. I always had thought they were the color at the base of the pad. Instead there was a vibrant array of many colors. Click on the photo for a better view.

This is a picture I took last year of a Santa Rita whose pads were all red-violet with beautiful yellow flowers.

You have just had a color lesson provided by mother nature.

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