Friday, December 17, 2010

Florida Bird Safari

Last week, my husband and I went to Florida to visit the Everglades and the Keys. In reviewing all of the 351 photos I took, I decided that I would characterize them by topics. The first topic is birds. While we did not see any bald eagles, we did same some amazing birds. First, were the birds we saw on the beaches on our trip from Tampa to the Everglades.

Next were the birds we saw in the Everglades while on a boat trip through the coastal mangroves.

As we traveled down a creek in the mangroves, we kept starling many of these white birds from their sanctuary, as depicted in the next photo. This was an awesome adventure.
The next bird is an Anhinga. They have no oil on their wings, so they have to dry them in the sun after diving into the water for food. Their feathers are beautiful.

We next visited the "River of Grass." While walking on boardwalks we saw a blue heron and other friends.
All of these ducks had eyes that were this gorgeous green-blue color. I was amazed!

Then we drove down to the keys. In Key Largo we had lunch on a boat dock. While there, this great white heron also came by for some lunch.
This small sea bird was not very happy with the heron.

When we arrived in Key West, I noticed that free range roosters and hens just wandering the streets. Check out this color guy!

I leave for California tomorrow to visit my mother and sister. Rayna, I will post some non-bird pictures when I return next week.

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Rayna said...

Snort! I skimmed this post in about 5 seconds.
Have fun in California.