Monday, March 30, 2009

Creative Thinking

Recently, I finished reading a book co-authored by a friend of mine, Susie Monday. Susie has been teaching art for over thirty years. She now concentrates on fiber art and teaches at her home studio. She and Susan Marcus wrote New World Kids, The Parents' Guide to Creative Thinking.

This book is not only for parents, but teachers and grandparents. Its premise is that we all and especially parents, with aid from grandparents, need to teach and nurture creative thinking. The book addresses how to determine a child's strengths and then has ideas, exercises, and experiments to cultivate them. This book is worth much more than its $14.95 selling price. For more information visit New World Kids. From the web-site, be sure to link to the blog that has additional information and resources.


Rayna said...

Susie's book is great! There is so much for us in it, too. Another way of thinking creatively! Highly recommended.

Susie monday said...

Thank you both for such great comments. I am glad the book met your needs and I appreciate the word-of-mouth promotion!! Susie