Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Has Sprung In Arizona

I know it is hard to believe for all of you who live in other parts of the country; but, spring has come to Arizona. Yesterday on my walk, I saw that the lupine have sprung up and that the Santa Rita Prickly Pears are getting new cactus pads. The birds are singing and the quail have returned looking for nesting places. Several danced in front of Tasha (my cat) yesterday in our backyard. Tasha was mesmerized. She just laid there and watched them prance in three feet in front of her.

Speaking of flowers, last week I finished another desert flower quilt square. It is the sundrop, which grows in gardens here. Below is a picture I took several years ago of the sundrop in our backyard followed by the finished quilt square.

The background is actually violet; but, for some reason it came out blue in this photo. Do you think it needs any more flowers?

Tomorrow is my last day as an artist in residence (AIR) at the Little Red School. The other AIR, Will Clipman, and I are hosting a showcase of our students' work tomorrow at 2:00 PM. I will post pictures next week, because DH Ali (short for Alarich) is taking me to Death Valley to see the desert in bloom. He only promised to do this 33 years ago. Better late, than never!!! We leave Saturday morning. I am sure to get a lot of inspiration photos for more Desert Beauties.

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susie monday said...

I love this little quilt. It is a gem. Susie