Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Wonders of Mother Earth

Even though we did not find masses of wildflowers in Death Valley, we did see vivid colors in the mountains and some interesting crystalline salt formations. As I always tell my students, nature is the best color teacher. Just look a the wonderful colors seen at the Artist's Palette as we approached it.

Then around two more bends in the road and we got closer! The colors are amazing! Be sure to click on these photos for a bigger view.

More interesting rock formations with subtler colors were close by.

Next we went to the Devil's Golf Course, where Ali danced among the rough, crystalline salt peaks.

I had to take some close-ups for inspiration.


Susie monday said...

Beautiful photos!

TALL GIRL said...

isn't Death Valley amazing? I think it is really one of the most beautiful spots on Earth. It is especially delicious at dusk.