Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Wood Collages

In November I finished two wood collages using only fabrics I dyed or painted.

They were included in my application to be juried into Central Arts Gallery, a co-op in Tucson. They are in the process of moving the gallery to a new location, so I will probably not hear from them until early next year.

While shopping two weeks ago in Tubac, AZ, I visited a new store, Sweet Stuff. It is filled with wonderful treasures, including lovely flowing garments. I asked the owner if she was interested in selling hand-dyed silk scarves. She now has a collection of my scarves for sell and next week we will be talking about me dyeing some dresses for her. The owner is Cheryl Todd, a former ballerina and psychotherapist. She is a lovely person and I am thrilled to work with a her.

Sweet Stuff is in a little plaza containing the gallery of an artist friend, Roberta Rogers. Her watercolors are beautiful. When I visited Cheryl last week, Roberta was painting outside in the plaza that is surrounded by their establishment which they share with another artist Peter Chope. The scene of Roberta painting in the sun shine was very picturesque. Next time when I visit their charming plaza, I will bring my camera.

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