Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Playing With Color

Wednesday, I dyed again. The first dress was for a friend who wanted bright. So I just poured yellow and fuchsia dye over it.  

Then I proceeded to over dyed pieces that I had dyed last week. The next one is a crinkled peasant blouse that was originally dyed yellow and over dyed fuchsia. Again the back was prettier than the front. I finally figured out why! When manipulating the clothes I was putting the back on the outside - DUH!!! 

Also in the fuchsia bath went a rayon dress that had first been dyed in orange. I was so excited to take the pictures, I did not iron it first.

Then I dyed a cotton farmer's dress that was suppose to be for me. It was first dyed yellow and then over dyed violet. I was expecting a different result because I previously dyed a silk scarf this way and got a beautiful color combination. But that was several years ago and silk dyes differently than silk, etc. The results are wonderful; the only problem is that I am a winter and I look awful in the finished garment. I guess someone else will be wearing it.

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Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

Wonderful garments! My favorite is the last one in the shades of green and brown.