Thursday, October 7, 2010

Playing with Color

 I over dyed a blouse that an artist friend had bought from me. Originally it was a light turquoise. I told her that if she would want me to over dye it, I would. She took it home for awhile and then decided that she wanted more color. I over dyed it last Friday and took it over to her studio/gallery this weekend. She was all smiles!!!

For the past three mornings, I have been putting clothes into their first dye baths. These will be followed with over dyeing. One afternoon last spring, Cheryl, who is now a very good friend, and I spent several hours twisting, stuffing, tying and clamping the rest of the clothes blanks I had purchased from Dharma. Instead of my normal very symmetric manipulations, we laughed and manipulated the clothes in different directions. I think I will continue to do this. What do you think? 

First was lapis and avocado:

Cotton Dress
Cotton Leggings

Back of Cotton Leggings
 I think the back of these look better than the front. 

Rayon Sundress

Back of Rayon Sundress
Again the back is more interesting than the front. Is there a pattern here.

Rayon Crinkle Blouse

Next came Havanna Brown and Chino, two new dye colors that I used for the first time. They are now at the top of my list of colors. I love that some of the colors they are composed of separated and dyed the fabric different colors. Most dyers would be very unhappy with this, but I love results that are serendipitous.

Cotton Leggings - Havana Brown
Cotton Sundress - Chin

I think I will over dye these last two with turquoise.

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Rayna said...

Yum yum yum, Susan. That blouse is gorgeous and the other stuff is a lot of fun. Yes, stay on this path!