Monday, October 18, 2010


I love spirals. For some reason they speak to me probably because they are timeless. I started with them to build up my inventory of stamps, stencils, and silk screens to add images to art cloth. About a year ago, I spent about an hour just drawing shapes with charcoal. I could not figure out what to do with the spirals because of their odd shapes. Recently, I told myself odd shapes are interesting - duh!!!

First I sprayed the charcoal drawings with hair spray to seal them.Then I traced the basic shapes of several of the spirals and glued the tracings to black paper. The spirals were cut out using a utility knife. These were then scanned into the computer, printed, and then silk screens were produced using a thermofax machine. 

While cutting out the black paper, it occurred to me that the original charcoal drawings would make exciting  silk screens. They were scanned into the computer and the stamp filter from Photoshop Elements was applied to them to make the marks that comprised the spirals more distinct. I reduced the size of these spirals, to add  variety in size in the complementary motifs.
I finished with two screens that contain several different spirals all reduced in sized to fill up a large screen.

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Rayna said...

love'em - but you already know that.