Friday, December 3, 2010

Mix Media Wood Collages

Yesterday, I finished five mix media collages mounted on wood. I am getting ready for the Wild Women Artists Trunk Show which is scheduled for this Sunday. I will be selling my dyed clothes, dyed scarves, mix media collages, and cell phone purses.

Four of mix media collages contain fabrics that I have colored either with dyes and/or fabric paint. A variety of techniques were used to created the interesting textures on these fabrics. The first two collages were mounted on solidly painted wood panels.
I decided to get a little creative with the painting of the wood panels for the next two fabric collages. I just love to paint. 
The fifth collage was made using colored tissue paper that was torn into pieces and glued together with a mixture of elmer's glue and water to form a new sheet of paper. I plan to do some more with this technique. Texture was created on both the paper and the wood panel by applying gold metallic paint with a large holed sponge.


Rayna said...

I quite like the nails, but it's possible that guy has a point. How did the market go?

mona noerhave said...

Ohh I like what I see

Susan Ettl said...

Thanks Mona

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

Coming to my BIG-ol,
John Belushi, party-hardy
in ultra-illustrious
Seventh-Heaven ..??
Yes, earthling, Im a NDE...
so I pretty much know s'up.
God bless your indelible soul.

I love you.
I love God.